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One example? With water, simply wet a cloth, a soft brush... or even your finger... and wipe/ gently scrub the rubber part of the stamp.


Also, a small drop of dish soap may be required to remove any stubborn ink build-up. Be careful not to wet the foam / mount too much as the adhesive may weaken over time.


Remember that staining may occur on wood mounts.


Pin one of these cleaning tips and tricks for later!




Step 1:           Tap Off Excess Pigment Ink


When we have the stamp all inked up and we want to clean it, we tap off excess ink on a page first.


Step 2:          Dab Stamp on Wet Wipe


Then we can lay out a wet wipe (as demonstrated below) and simply tap the stamp on the wet wipe.



Step 3:           Dab Stamp on Page


Pick up the wet wipe and scrub if ink left in places.



We can use an ink scrubber pad if required. You can source lots of scrubber pad options on Amazon.


Pro Tip: If we are using Staz On or solvent-based ink, we use a spray cleaner. Then we can spray onto the stamp and wipe, or we can spray onto an ink scrubber pad. This wonderful spray cleaner can be purchased in a spray bottle form from our shop.


Step 4:          Tackling Stubborn Stains


We can tap on the page again:



Once again we simply tap it on the wet wipe until the ink is gone.



If there are any stubborn tricky bits that we can’t get (such as the image to the left, below),  we can scrunch up a wet wipe and rub into it to get more detail out. Again, tap it on wet wipes.



Pro Tip: We can also use ink scrubber pads



Step 5:           Cleaning Pigment-Based and Solvent-Based Inks


If we can’t get anything off with the wet wipes we often just scrub into the ink pad, and then we double-check everything. Turn the stamp over  and dab it off again.



 Pro Tip: The ink scrubber pads are for pigment-based inks.


For solvent-based inks there’s ink we use called StazOn. We need a solvent-based cleaner for it.



We spray the stamp and then get a wipe to wipe it, or we can spray onto the ink scrubber pad and then spray it again to get it off.



The solvent inks need a remover so you can spray and wipe:



or you can spray, scrub and wipe:



Et Voilà! Clean as a whistle for another while!!


If you have any comments or questions about this process, please feel free to send them in below! Thanks so much, friends!