Beach Blush Wedding Inspiration | Laurel Embosser and Monogram Wax Seals | Heirloom Seals


We adore a beach wedding and we adore a blush wedding so combining the two is just splendid. Our beautiful bride is adorned in soft, stunning, stirring fabrics reminiscent of the ebb and flow of the ocean while bringing in a touch of femininity through the blush pink shades. Sweet but salty margaritas with sand between your toes under the warm summer sun, sounds like paradise.

Our laurel monogram embosser is the perfect accompaniment for these charming blush envelopes. And of course, no blush pink wedding could go without opulent touches of pearl blush found here in our sealing wax stamped with a monogram seal. Adding a fine art final embellishment to these textured cream envelopes is our handcrafted address rubber stamp. These delicate personal touches are a superb way to add in finer details while still keeping with the spacious and timeless aesthetic of your stationery suite.

Beach Blush Wedding Inspiration | Laurel Embosser and Monogram Wax Seals | Heirloom Seals


Alternatively, create a subtle, tactile statement on your soft toned envelopes with our Sophia calligraphy script monogram embosser.

Simple to use, a custom embosser is a uniquely charming way to apply exquisite embellishment to your wedding stationery, whilst maintaining a clean and elegant look.

Sophia Laurel Monogram Wedding Embossed Envelope | Heirloom Seals


Complete the look and adorn your wedding stationery with our contemporary monogram wax seal. Stamp your wax seal impression in neutral tones such as our pearl blush pink wax or white wax, or add some sparkle with our metallic gold sealing wax.

Deeply engraved and uniquely personalised, a bespoke wax seal stamp can be used to enhance memories today and then be cherished and passed down through generations for years to come.

Monogram Blush Self-Adhesive Wax Seals for Wedding Invitations | Heirloom Seals

Shop our beautifully designed collection of wax seals & embossers... or create your very own unique design to complete your dream wedding suite.

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