Personalised Matthew monogram brass stamp | Heirloom Seals

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Unique Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Celebrate the people you love this festive season with our guide to unique gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.

Gifts For Gardeners

Vegetables with 'from the garden of' design | Heirloom Seals

Gardening Rubber Stamp

Sow many options, what to choose? This stamp is a useful, personal and (most importantly) unique alternative gift to plants for the DIY gardener in your life! As an added bonus, the wooden stamps are sustainably sourced so they make popular gifts for eco-friendly gardeners and horticulturists.

Gifts For Pet Owners

Doggie treat jar decorated with paw print gift tag | Heirloom Seals

Paw Print Rubber Stamp

Possibly the cutest thing ever, this rubber stamp is beautifully engraved with an exact replica of a pet’s paw print which owners can then use on their Christmas cards, stationery or even clothing!And the best bit? It lasts forever. Whether they’re a cat or a dog person, they need this pawesome gift. Period. 

Gifts For Men

Personalised Matthew monogram brass stamp | Heirloom Seals

Brass Library Book Rubber Stamp

Take it from us: men who swear they don’t expect any gifts are secretly challenging you to impress them. A timeless library book stamp for their desk should do the trick. Available in solid brass, wood or as a self-inking Trodat stamp, the minimalist Serif design is also customized with their name.

Gifts For Secret Santa

Inside cover of a book stamped with monogram | Heirloom Seals

 Botanical Library Book Rubber Stamp

You can’t go wrong with a personalized stamp for book collections; everybody has their favourite books they bring with them through life and if not, this will start encouraging them to! Featuring a hand-illustrated botanical design, the book plate stamp can be used to customise inside covers and end pages as well as bookmarks and lending receipts. It’s a fun yet meaningful gift idea that doesn’t break the bank - what more could you ask for in return?

Gifts For Kids

Hand holding kids character wooden stamp for art | Heirloom Seals

Kids Character Rubber Stamp

Wholesome and a whole lot of fun, this artwork character stamp is a win-win gift for children. With a custom monogram and hand-drawn portrait, the young artist can easily sign their work and authenticate originals. Capturing a precious moment in time, this unique gift is suitable for kids of all ages as it makes a beautiful keepsake when grow up. 

Gifts For Mother-In-Laws

Back of envelope stamped with sketch of house and return address | Heirloom Seals

Illustrated Return Address Rubber Stamp

Make the perfect impression and wow her with a thoughtful, hand-illustrated sketch of the family home that can be passed down for generations to come. The personalized stamp also features elegant script names and a modern minimalist return address to boot. She is sure to love it!

Gifts For Book Lovers

Personalised Sabrina silver monogram embosser for books | Heirloom Seals

Botanical Calligraphy Script Library Book Embosser

Poor bibliophiles! They’re too easy to buy for and are bored of getting book after book after…ok, you get it. But seriously, let’s mix it up and spoil them a little for a change! A chrome book embosser they can use to embellish their book collection is a pretty clever non-book book gift if you know what we mean. 

Gifts For Budding Bookworms 

Hand holding kids character wooden stamp for books | Heirloom Seals

Kids Cartoon Character Book Stamp

Ok, maybe this is actually the cutest thing ever. The cartoon character stamp for books captures the magic of story-time when they’re small and acts as a fond reminder of their favourite tales as they grow up. Using photos, a sketch of the little bookworm is hand-drawn and turned into a one-of-a-kind rubber stamp for them to decorate their growing library and favourite books with. Simply adorable.


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