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For this wedding, we are heading back to the coast. The theme here is easy and breezy with hints of timeless class. The colour palette is cool and coastal with some blues, shades of white and touches of gold. For the gown, we have traditional lines, flowing fabrics, and some unconventional pops of colour. The floral arrangements are delicate and add some warmth to an overall cool aesthetic, the ribbon - almost like liquid - gives a nod back to the sea.

The seaside is very much present in the stationery. Textured papers are reminiscent of the rough coastline and shades of blue give a nod back to the ocean. Elements of gold pick up from the sandy shores while the use of freeform calligraphy gives off a message in a bottle type of vibe. Then, adding a personal touch while still in keeping with the overall old-world aesthetic, is our botanical monogram wax seal. This look is topped off with our pearl white wax and monogram embosser.

Blue and Grey Coastal Beach Wedding Inspiration | Botanical Calligraphy Script Wax Seals and Monogram Embosser | Heirloom Seals


Create a subtle, tactile statement on your rich toned envelopes with our calligraphy script monogram embosser.

Simple to use, a custom embosser is a uniquely charming way to apply exquisite embellishment to your wedding stationery, whilst maintaining a clean and elegant look.

Calligraphy Script Embosser Embossed Deckled Paper | Heirloom Seals


Complete the look and adorn your wedding stationery with our botanical monogram wax seal. Stamp your wax seal impression in crisp natural tones such as our white wax or pearl white wax, or add some sparkle with our metallic gold sealing wax.

Deeply engraved and uniquely personalised, a bespoke wax seal stamp can be used to enhance memories today and then be cherished and passed down through generations for years to come.

Pearl White Calligraphy Script Monogram Self Adhesive Wax Seals | Heirloom Seals

Shop our beautifully designed collection of wax seals & embossers... or create your very own unique design to complete your dream wedding suite.

Browse our blog for more beautiful coastal wedding inspiration.


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